using white ink

Guidelines for creating a digital file for white ink printing.

white ink design.jpg

This tutorial will walk you through a basic white ink design. For more complex projects, or projects done in Photoshop, it may be best to come by the shop with your design questions. Note: Due to the frequent complexity of white ink design, we strongly recommend a hardcopy press proof for designers utilizing white ink. This can save time, money and frustration!

  • White ink works best layered on top of all of the other layers.

  • Create a new layer and name it White. All white elements of your design should be placed together in this one layer.

Creating a White layer. All White elements should be contained in this layer. In this example, only the circle is required to be contained in that layer.

  • Then create your white swatch. Go to the Swatches panel and click New Color Swatch. It should be named White, with the W capitalized. The color type should be Spot. The color representing white can be whatever you prefer, though often it is 100% Magenta to stand out from other elements.

  • Your finished product will contain white ink wherever your “White” swatch is used.

  • The "W" in White NEEDS to be capitalized.

Creating a White swatch in the swatches panel.

Your White items will look magenta, but that is for display only. It will not affect the final design.

  • Your white elements must be setup for Overprinting. You can check overprint settings under Window > Output > Attributes in InDesign or Window > Attributes in Illustrator.

  • Be sure that Overprint Fill and Overprint Stroke are checked off.

Attributes menu with Overprint Fill and Overprint Stroke checked off for our White circle.

  • We request native files to be provided in conjunction with a print ready PDF file. Go to File > Package in InDesign or Illustrator to create a packaged folder. You can then compress your packaged folder, and email or Hightail all of the files to us.

  • Please make a note in your email, or in person, that you’d like to use white ink.

  • If all steps were followed, our final design would look something like this on a kraft colored paper:

Example of the final printed result. A white ink card on kraft colored recycled paper.

If you have any questions about white ink, or you’d like us to do the setup for you, contact us anytime!

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