march and april exhibit

Susanna Gallisdorfer

For March & April, we're excited to feature the gorgeous paintings of
local artist Susanna Gallisdorfer.
Free posters of four select works will be available starting March 5th.

Detail from  Crucible,  2007

Detail from Crucible, 2007


As an artist I am mostly self taught. What does this mean, “self taught”? For me this means that I did not go to art school, or study painting with a teacher. Instead, I slowly over time turned toward and relied on an inner self to teach me and, through practice, developed a process and skill for the craft.  I learned to listen and observe, particularly to the natural world and to where it dwelled in me.

When I was a child, I learned from my Mother. She showed me with pencil and paper how branches in a tree connect and curve into each other, how a gray sky makes colors pop in a field. She allowed me to hang the laundry outside in an arrangement of colors and shapes that pleased me. These were simple lessons that underlie my work to this day. 

Mother's Gift , 2005

Mother's Gift, 2005

Early Life

I grew up on the windy plateau off Lake Erie, a place of extreme weather and broad skies of mountainous clouds. My education was aimed toward becoming a doctor or nurse, something in the healing arts. Later, to my surprise, I found that it was the making of art that I was strongly and naturally directed. 

After moving to the west coast and becoming a single mother, I joined Mrs Grossman’s Paper Company, doing office work. In a short time I became the company’s design department’s first designer, eventually becoming its lead designer, and the only designer without previous training. I did this work for 21 years.

The Lake as Chalice,  2008

The Lake as Chalice, 2008

Vessel Dissolving,  2008

Vessel Dissolving, 2008


Home now in Humboldt County, I began painting in 2003 and started showing in local galleries. My first works were acrylic paint on paper, followed by works done on Tyvek material. To address a need for affordable art, I launched a small card company in 2007 called Keeping Vigil Press. After self-publishing hundreds of cards from my artwork and wearing out three home printers, in 2013 I turned to Bug Press, known for their quality work. What I discovered was that Bug Press not only understood my artistic view and respected my eye for detail, but was also a wealth of advice and support that I needed in expanding and marketing my business. Bug Press became my friend! 

I’m back in my studio these days, picking up the brush and watching the buds swell on the plum tree outside.

Light Flower in Red Vase,  2010

Light Flower in Red Vase, 2010





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Works around Humboldt

Currently Susanna's paintings can be seen at Isis Temple Healing Center in Sunnybrae, as prints at Bug Press, and as cards in local stores, as well as  stores in Marin County, Oregon, and Hawaii.  

Find Keeping Vigil Press fine art greeting cards at these local stores:

All Under Heaven
The Garden Gate
Eureka Natural Foods
North Coast Co-op
Blue Moon Gift Shop
Holly Yashi