september+october exhibit James Adam Taylor

Transitioning into fall, we're featuring a wonderful series of local work by photographer James Adam Taylor. Fifteen pieces are on display in our shop windows through October. A select number of photographs will be available as free posters starting September 6th.

Path to the Fire Tower, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park  by James Adam Taylor

Path to the Fire Tower, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park by James Adam Taylor

James Adam Taylor:

"I’m a relatively recent addition to Humboldt County. I landed here in the summer of 2014 after a year in Portland and a few years of constant movement. For a season I called small towns in Oregon and Washington home, a stint in Chicago and time in Philadelphia, six months on the Appalachian Trail, and my home state of New Jersey.

I studied photography and printmaking and hold a BFA from Rowan University. Curiosity and a love of science somehow lead me to the arts and specifically to photography. Some of my best experiences as a child were watching Nova and Nature on PBS with my father and sitting through my Grandfather's slideshows about his expeditions to far flung places.

Taking from these early inspirations I strive to capture the world through my lens, and coupled with my background in fine arts, present it in a way that transfers that wonder and curiosity to others.

Personal projects tend to focus on a number of themes based on exploration and observation. Common subjects of interest include natural history, landscapes, scenes at night, pathways, live music, and documenting people engaged in the activities they love.

I have shown fine art prints here in Humboldt County since 2015 and am currently showing work as part of a group exhibition “Focal Distance” in Philadelphia, PA. My most recent solo exhibition was hung in Ocean City, New Jersey in May of 2017 and featured images from my explorations here in Humboldt County."

-James Adam Taylor

Monique and the Chickens, McKinleyville

Monique and the Chickens, McKinleyville

MissyBee, Bayside

MissyBee, Bayside