Frequently asked questions


Placing an order

How do I place an order?
Your orders may be placed in person, by phone, email, or online. In person orders can be made Monday through Friday 9-5. Orders through our email can be placed at any time. Online orders can be made through

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?

No appointments are necessary, though you can make one if you'd like. 

How long will my job take to complete?
Completion depends on current work load and the complexity of your project. Whereas posters or flyers can be done in a day or two, jobs with extensive set-up or bindery such as greeting cards will take longer. Proofing takes time as well. If there is a deadline, we will work with that timeframe.

How can I send files?
There are a few ways to send your files.

  • One is by creating an account on and going to the Upload page. Shoot us an email with instructions if it's a custom job.  
  • For files under 25MB, we accept files through our email,
  • You may also use our Hightail uplink page for larger files.  

Can I come in to look at samples?
Yes! It's incredibly helpful to personally look at papers to get a feel for weight and texture. In addition, our previous projects offer great inspiration and can give a sense of the quality of work we do here. We also offer free posters monthly, so we like visitors. 

Do you work with out of area clients?
We sure do. Variables to consider are cost of shipping and payment transfer. Shipping varies by distance and desired speed, and we can usually give you a pretty accurate estimate. Credit card payments can be accepted over the phone or through bugxpress.  

Preparing art for print

What is the best software to prepare files for print?
Usually, Adobe InDesign or Illustrator are recommended for most print design and setup. We have a number of free templates for those programs available for download. 

If you are unfamiliar with design software like Adobe Creative Suite, there are other options. A great free tool for file preparation is Canva, where you can create your artwork from templates and then email us the prepared PDF files. 

Do you offer graphic design?
Yes, we provide in-house design services for any printing project, as well as a limited number of logo design projects. We also do consulting for marketing and promotions. 


Can I see a PDF proof before printing?
We can email you a preview of your job before printing and notify you if there's a potential problem with sizing, color, et cetera. Let us know you'd like a PDF when you place your order. 

Can I see a color accurate printed proof?
Yes, we can print a color accurate press proof of your project on the paper you've chosen for $15. A press proof is recommended before a large run quantity, or for verifying artwork and photography. 

NOTE: If we send a PDF or print a proof, it must be approved before we can continue with printing.