Free, easy-to-use templates for some of our most common printed products. 

Our templates are only recommended for design professionals, or those who are very comfortable with graphic design software from Adobe. If you're unsure how to proceed we have skilled designers in-house who can set up your job for you. 

To begin your project, click to download the template for your desired application. If you don't have InDesign or Illustrator, you can download the PDF version to place as a guides layer in your preferred design program. Please be sure to review our Print Guidelines located on our Help page before submitting files. 


  • When using the template, create your content on the layer titled "Your design here". Once you're finished designing, delete or hide the "Guides" layer underneath, and then export to a PDF and send it to us! For help exporting files to PDF, go to Resources.

  • All template files are made with a bleed, so if your design doesn't have color to the edge then you can ignore the bleed guide.

  • Most files are compatible with Adobe CS6, CC 2015 or newer. If your legacy version is unavailable then try using the PDF version.

Business Cards, 3.5x2 inches

Flyers, 8.5x11 inches

Greeting Cards, folded to 5x7 inches

*** Included for Greeting Cards is a packaged InDesign folder with fonts, links, and a PDF. This allows you to drop your own images in, and edit the text included in the InDesign document. If your art is full bleed, be sure it extends to the full size of the image frame. Follow the same PDF export instructions found in our Resources. ***



Posters, 11x17 inches


4 x 6 inch size

5 x 7 inch size


4.25 x 5.5 inch size - from 8.5 x 11 flyer

3.375 x4.25 inch size - from 8.5 x 11 flyer

2.875 x 4.25 inch size - from 11 x 17 poster

3.5 x 5.375 inch size - from 11 x 17 poster

Tri-fold Brochures 8.5x11 inches

Print templates

8 x 10 inch size

9 x 12 inch size

11 x 14 inch size

12 x 16 inch size

11 x 17 inch size

12 x 18 inch size