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How to Use Adobe Job Option Files

Download, open, and use Adobe Job Option Files.

What is a Job Option? 

A JOBOPTION file is an Adobe PDF preset file. It defines the properties of a PDF that's to be generated using programs like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. An example of settings defined by JOBOPTION files are image resolution, colorspace, fonts, and printers marks and bleeds. 

Here at Bug Press we've created a custom Job Option that has our preferred PDF settings built in for your personal use. It saves time and ensures that your PDF is correctly formatted. 

To install Bug Press job option in InDesign:

  1. Go to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define...
  2. Click ‘Load...
  3. Navigate to ‘BUG PRESS_noconvert’; Click ‘Open’.
  4. Then click ‘Done'

To install Bug Press job option in Illustrator and Photoshop:

  1. Go to Edit > Adobe PDF Presets...
  2. Click 'Load'
  3. Navigate to 'BUG PRESS_noconvert' and click 'Open'
  4. Then click 'Done'

How to use Bug Press job option:

  1. In InDesign, go to File > Export...
  2. In new window:
    Save as: ______ (Name your file and note the location you are exporting it to)
    *For Mac ‘Format’: Adobe PDF (Print)
    *For Windows ‘Type’: Adobe PDF (Print)
    Then click ‘Save’ 
  3. In next window, choose Adobe PDF Preset: [BUG PRESS_noconvert]
  4. Then click ‘Export
  5. Examine your PDF in Adobe Acrobat. It should now be ready for upload



Shortcuts for Adobe products

When creating files yourself, it's important to have a good understanding of the controls available to you.

Adobe shortcuts allow you to quickly access commands and settings without using the mouse. 

Default keyboard shortcuts for:




The average designer probably won't know every command, and Adobe regularly updates the settings and functions available, but knowing the basics can save a lot of time. There is also the ability to customize individual commands to best fit your personal workflow.