How to set up a tri-fold brochure plus free template

Learn how to create an 8.5x11 inch full-bleed brochure that folds correctly

To download our free trifold brochure template for Adobe InDesign
or Illustrator:

Tri-fold brochures are excellent marketing tools, but they can be a little tricky to set up. The three columns in a brochure are not the same size, so if you lay out your 8.5"x11" design with three equal 3.66 inch panels it won't fold correctly

For most brochures, the inside panel must be smaller than the middle, and the cover must be larger. This allows for the panels to tuck in properly when folded. Generally 1.5mm is all that's required, so the inside flap would be 3.607", the middle panel would be 3.667", and the front cover would be 3.725"

In practice that would look like this:

Trifold Brochure template outside.png
Trifold Brochure template inside.png


  • the dotted lines represent where we'd fold the brochure

  • the solid lines represent the safe zone

  • the dashed lines represent where we'd cut the document

  • the thick pink line illustrates the full bleed size of 8.75x11.25 inches